EstateGuru Review: Peer to Peer Lending
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Discussion started by canythould43 , on 1558 days ago
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Easy registration.
Secure transfers but it takes time to be reflected in the wallet.
Few debt collection guarantees; The deadline for recovery of overdue debts is undefined. I started last year, exactly in December, I have invested in 24 projects of which 40% are delayed and some of them are already considered lost, (until the property is sold I will not see a penny) that is, that if it is not sold they will not even return the loan to me.
445 days ago
It's a bit have to keep a close eye on whether it's worth staying with it. The fact that the borrowers are currently being given so many extensions of not weeks but months or even a year, as in this case, I find questionable and too lax on the part of the EG.
448 days ago
I find good projects in progress there. Beautiful buildings to complete. Their platform is well made, simple to use. Attractive returns
448 days ago
The default rate of EstateGuru's loan portfolio has ascended to 14.9%, with Finland and Germany experiencing the highest defaults reaching levels of 32.47% and 30.42%.
469 days ago