Mintos Review: Peer to Peer Lending
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Already invested in Mintos? If so, share your impressions below. Are you happy with Mintos ? Have you encountered an issue that other investors should be aware of? What percentage of your portfolio will be invested in Mintos?

Discussion started by canythould43 , on 1621 days ago
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Mintos reports a profit for 2022
Mintos' total comprehensive income in 2022 amounted to EUR 188 thousand, up from a loss of EUR 2.501 million in 2021. Income was largely the result of stable net commission income.
316 days ago
Too many outstanding payments and chargebacks.
No/ very little information on how to deal with Wowwo and other defaulting lenders.
Lower interest rates than other platforms.

I've been with mintos for years and everything used to work fine. Loans were paid back in time, so that one could estimate what money will be available again and when. In the meantime, over 75% of the loans are clearly too late and some are being recovered.
448 days ago
I was very happy until the war in Ukraine started. Despite the fact that it had very few investments from Russia and Ukraine, from that moment on it began to have payment delays, especially in reference to "pending payments" and "recovery payments".

At first I thought it was a temporary situation, but each time I accumulated more and more delays, especially those from countries that had nothing to do with the war, to the point that I stopped making monthly investments on Mintos. Now, as I see that I still have many pending payments and in recovery, it does not give me the confidence to put money back monthly
451 days ago
Mintos advertises a 12% rate, while investing in relatively safe loans issued by established loan originators without taking huge currency risks would result in a maximum return of 6%
469 days ago