PeerBerry Review: Peer to Peer Lending
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Already invested in PeerBerry? If so, share your impressions below. Are you happy with PeerBerry Have you encountered an issue that other investors should be aware of? What percentage of your portfolio will be invested in PeerBerry?

Discussion started by canythould43 , on 1618 days ago
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The demand on the PeerBerry platform is high, and many investors face the issue of investing all the funds held in the PeerBerry account.
312 days ago
I have had great profitability and I have had a great facility that other platforms have not given me in making my investments liquid.

Easy to use, the help is instantaneous in Telegram, many originators, with very good interest.

These last weeks there are less short term loans .I have some loans from Russia and Ukraine late.
443 days ago
Generally; Peerberry is easy to use (in half an hour anyone starts investing and earning income), it works well and has a very certified web design. If you add to that the interesting average net profitability that can be achieved...

In addition, it is also worth highlighting the customer service they have...

If you make a query, they will answer all your questions very quickly, not in three months, this helps and builds trust.

The success and growth they are experiencing is not surprising.

This has catapulted them into being one of the largest P2P loan investment sites in Europe, even with the absence of a secondary market.
445 days ago
I have noticed since the beginning of 2023 that the number of loans has decreased enormously. My money is therefore not reinvested and no longer earns me anything. I was hopeful that my investments impacted by the war in Ukraine would be reimbursed by now. This is not the case.
448 days ago
In my opinion the best P2P Platform that exists. They respond to the chat during operating hours in a very short time and they fix the problem you have. I have been investing for 1 year now and my experience is very good. Loans from Russia and Ukraine are paid little by little.
An excellent platform.
450 days ago
Recently PeerBerry repaid EUR 1.8 million under the group guarantee to compensate investors for war-related loans from Russia and Ukraine.
482 days ago