EstateGuru Review: Peer to Peer Lending
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Uploaded By: canythould43. Added on: 31 December 2022.
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During the webinar our experts discussed the state of the real estate market in the Baltic countries and described scenarios around how the global macro-economic situation is expected to impact the real estate market. Speakers: Kaspar Kaljuvee (Co-founder, Head of Risk Innovations - Estonia), Vaidotas Sumskis (Head of Investor Relations - Lithuania), Aleksandrs Mežapuķe (Country Manager - Latvia) Moderator: Judith Tan (Head of Capital Markets - United Kingdom) Timecodes 0:00 - Intro 0:48 - Baltic real estate situation - presentation by Vaidotas 23:17 - Q&A and discussion 1:09:13 - Closing remarks