Twino Review: Peer to Peer Lending
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Over the last two years their financial results were poor. However, following a restructuring, and the closure of unsuccessful locations, Twino reported much better financial results for 2018. Profits went from a €13m loss, to a €4m profit. The balance sheet position also improved. Hopefully this improving trend can be continued.
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You may buy item on Secondary market hoping to get good profit.There are always people leaving the site and selling their investments, some people even sell things at a discount when they’re delayed. It does however take some time, because you have to do the purchases manually.
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When a loan with the BuyBack guarantee defaults (has a delay of 30 days), it is bought back by TWINO, returning all funds invested in the loan plus interest for the 30 days of delay. Thus, you have to look for new investments in order to make your money work. The difference with the Payment Guarantee is that the loan is not bought back after the 30th day of delay. The loan status changes to “Defaulted”, and you are no longer able to resell the shares, however you keep receiving monthly repayments of principal and interest in accordance with the original loan schedule until the loan is fully repaid.
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