PeerBerry Review: Peer to Peer Lending
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by canythould43 . Updated: 10 months

Some Peerberry statistics
Peerberry has managed to gather thousands of investors and more than half a dozen credit originators in an accessible and very simple platform that since November 2017 has provided solid and stable returns to its investors.
Peerberry's Autoinvesting function is similar to others in the sector, and it is not complicated to configure, basically we must indicate the size in euros of our Auto Invest portfolio, define the amount to invest in each loan, and from there specify the type of objective interest we want, the countries and originators in which we wish to invest.
On the Invest page, you get a list of available loans, with interest rates around 10-12%. Most of the loans available are short-term, although I’ve also seen a few that have more than 12 months terms.<br /><br />You can also filter the available loans by interest rate, loan term, the amount available for investment, country, loan originator and if the loan has a buyback policy or not.
Once you click on a loan you’re interested in, you get a bit more details about the borrower. The details contain their age, sex, country and how many loans the borrower already has. You can also see the loan originator details, interest rate, remaining loan term and if the loan has a buyback guarantee policy or not.
In 2019, Aventus Group companies issued 193 million Eur loans – 2,6 times more than in 2018. More than one million – 1 681 667 units of credits (including credits with prolongations) in total were issued during the year 2019. It is 2,8 times more in comparison with credit volumes in 2018.
During January this year, 1,400 new investors have joined to the PeerBerry investors community – 20% more than in previous months. PeerBerry currently has more than 18 400 investors who are enjoying investment opportunities at PeerBerry.
My Current Results With Peerberry
Starting this week, CashX loans from Sri Lanka are back on the PeerBerry platform. CashX offers investments into double guaranteed short-term loans with an 11,5% ROI. Sri Lankan loans will be available on the PeerBerry platform three times a week. First loans will be offered today. Make sure to include CashX company in your Auto Invest if this company's offer meets your investment strategy.