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To discuss and understand P2P lending and the various websites in that space and try and understand what makes a P2P site work

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P2P Lending News and Discussions
This week Estonian police started a criminal investigation regarding the crowdfunding platform Envestio. The case is being investigated as investment fraud. According to figures from the Envestio website before it went offline, around 33 million euros in investor funds were collected from around 13,000 investors.
última respuesta por canythould43 en Sábado, 01 Febrero 2020
There’s no easy way to make money and p2p lending is tremendously great, however, mostly sold to people who wouldn’t otherwise put money at risk this much. I’m a big believer into P2P but haven’t seen a very compelling model yet.
última respuesta por runted en Sábado, 14 Enero 2017
Today I received an e-mail from Envestio, reacting on the recent developments around Kuetzal. Envestio reacts to panic on Baltic crowdfunding market, caused by collapse of Estonian platform Kuetzal, by returning its former COO Evgeniy Kukin back on his position. The end of 2019 on Baltic crowdfunding market has been quite challenging for all players, as failure of Kuetzal platform caused a crisis of trust and provoked many investors to withdraw their funds from the market. Envestio also faced a number of pre-mature investment buybacks and subsequent withdrawal of funds, which were accomplished without any delay and in full amount thanks to Envestio’s reserve fund, which in present circumstances varies from EUR 500 000 up to EUR 800 000. Furthermore, in order to minimize the room for negative rumors and speculations, caused by changes in the management board of Envestio, which took place almost simultaneously with similar changes in Kuetzal (due to absolutely different reasons, though – Envestio was purchased by a solid European investor) the new owner of Envestio, Mr. Arkadi Ganzin has reached the agreement with former COO of Mr. Envestio Evgeniy Kukin to return to this position starting from January 15, 2020. At the same time, Mr. Eduard Ritsmann, who was appointed to the position of COO and Development Director right after the sale of the platform in December 2019, will continue working for Envestio as the Head of Sales. Hence, no parallels should be drawn between Envestio and Kuetzal cases, as Envestio retains onboard the whole team of professionals, with which it became one of the leaders of the Baltic crowdinvesting market, earned trust of almost 15 000 registered investors, and kept perfect payment discipline as well as is in command of solid financial reserves to ensure uninterrupted and trustworthy operational activity.
última respuesta por canythould43 en Viernes, 17 Enero 2020
On FundingSecure home page: Important UpdateFundingSecure Limited ("the Company") Jonathan Avery-Gee, Edward Avery-Gee and Daniel Richardson (‘the Administrators’) of CG & Co (‘CG’) were appointed Administrators of the Company on 23rd October 2019. The administrators are working closely with the FCA who consented to their appointment over the Companies. The Company was placed into administration on 23rd October 2019 by a resolution of the board of directors of the Company. As a result of the administration no legal proceedings may be commenced or continued with against the Company without the consent of the Administrators or leave of the Court. The Company is now protected from any third party actions by virtue of a statutory moratorium. The administrators have set up a dedicated email address for creditors to contact the administration team. fundingsecure@cg-recovery.com We will only be able to respond to urgent queries. However, key updates on loans will be ongoing and accessable on the investor platform. Due to the early stages of the administrations, the information we have is limited, we therefore request that creditors continue to consult the website and historic investor updates in the first instance. We will continue to update investors and creditors as additional information becomes available so please watch this website for updates. The business and affairs of the Company are now controlled by the Administrators who act as agents of the Company and act without personal liability. Jonathan Avery-Gee, Edward Avery-Gee and Daniel Richardson are licensed as insolvency practitioners in the United Kingdom by the Institute of Chartered Accountants In England and Wales and the Insolvency Practitioners Association.
última respuesta por runted en Jueves, 24 Octubre 2019
The P2P lending platform is going to manage well if people are going to be willing to invest. Everyone who wants to lend on a P2P platform needs to make sure that they are going to get better results by making sure that they have picked the right place to go. People that do not feel safe will not lend, and the industry is going to have to do some work to help make people feel as safe as possible when they are lending.
última respuesta por sedgerhy10 en Miércoles, 23 Octubre 2019
Try Bondora, Viventor, Twino.
última respuesta por canythould43 en Martes, 01 Noviembre 2016