Robocash Review: Peer to Peer Lending
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Already invested in RoboCash? If so, share your impressions below. Are you happy with RoboCash? Have you encountered an issue that other investors should be aware of? What percentage of your portfolio will be invested in RoboCash?

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Robocash have reduced the supply on the platform. For this reason, not all of the money may be invested. New loans of different terms are available a few times a week.
451 días
Ok but not very diversified
I have been using for over a year.
Very good platform, some delays but less than other platforms and interest is paid on delays.
Yield about 10%.
485 días
Good idea to invest the savings that produce almost nothing in the bank, with a secondary market to sell in case of need that works very well, the interest is very good, the attention of the staff is fast and decisive, in general a very good p2p website investment.
487 días
Robocash has not yet obtained any licence related to investment brokerage and is located in Croatia, where platforms such as Credon and PeerBerry have relocated to in order to avoid regulatory compliance.
502 días
The P2P lending platform Robocash announced that it would be lowering the interest rates for the following loan terms: 10.5% (91 - 180 days), 11% (181 - 365 days), and 11.5% (366 - 720 days). Please note that the lowest (8%) and the highest (13%) rates remain the same. The updated interest rates will apply to new investments made from December 21.
515 días