Robocash Review: Peer to Peer Lending
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by Olga Davydova . Updated: 1 year

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Dynamics of since its start in February 2017.
The investment service outlined the results of the first year in operation on the European P2P lending market: 2.000 investors from the EU and Switzerland invested over €3 million in the issue of 330 thousand short-term PDL-loans in Kazakhstan and Spain. The results and the platform dynamics are considered to prove the growing demand for complex automated solutions in the global alternative fintech. Find out more:
The European peer-to-peer lending market preserves the increase of volumes and the growing interest in the investments of this kind, that is supported by the results of the fully automated investment platform in the first quarter of 2018: as compared with the fourth quarter of 2017, the number of investors increased by 44% and the volume of financed short-term loans grew by 18%. Read more:
The European P2P platform Robocash has summed up the results of the past year. They demonstrate a growing interest in using the platform: the number of investors doubled compared to 2017, and the total volume of attracted investments reached €5 million. <br />Read more: <br />
Robocash is an automated investment oriented platform, that is, designed so that the system is automatically responsible for choosing the loans in which we invest based on simple parameters that we configure in the AUTOINVEST tab.
Robocash is a company that has been operating since 2010 but was presented in February 2017 to European and Swiss investors. It is a Crowdlending company that is part of the Holding RoboCash Group which is a financial group of companies founded in 2013, with more than 6.8 million registered customers, with more than 1600 employees, a group that has already lent 4 , 3 million loans with a volume exceeding 400 million dollars.
In accordance with current business needs, Robocash have reduced the supply on the platform. For this reason, not all of the money may be invested. New loans of different terms are available a few times a week. When setting up portfolios, Robocash recommend that you choose originators from Spain, Singapore and the Philippines first, as they provide more new loans.