Mintos Review: Peer to Peer Lending
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Mintos Loan Performance Details 02/2017
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Mintos is a Latvian P2P platform with investors worldwide. The platform was launched in January 2015 and today offers loans from 58 loan originators to more than 120,000 investors from 70 countries. Loans worth more than € 1.9 billion have been financed since it started.
Mintos 2019 Year Review
After reaching the first billion euros funded in loans on Mintos in August 2018, the next three milestones came in 2019: EUR 2 billion of loans funded in April, EUR 3 billion in August, and EUR 4 billion in November. This impressive growth rate illustrates not only demand for the Mintos service, but overall growing interest in investing in loans among individual investors globally.
European peer-to-peer lender Mintos has valued itself at more than €100m (£84.5m) as it marks taking a 40 per cent market share of P2P lending on the continent. Figures from data company Brismo shows there was €6.36bn of P2P lending financed in Europe during 2019, of which €2.58bn was invested through Mintos.
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