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P2P Compared to Other Investments
Cumulative Investments
Viventor Average Interest Loan 02/2017 is about 11%
I am selling 15% shares of my business on $ 3,000,000. Everyone interested in this deal contact me for further information.
Andrius Bolšaitis is the new CEO of Viventor. Viventor is pleased to announce that the management of Viventor is growing and getting stronger. This week they welcomed the new CEO of Viventor Andrius Bolšaitis. He has taken over as CEO of Viventor from July 22. Mr. Bolšaitis has replaced previous CEO of the company, Toms Niparts, who is starting his own new startup.
Viventor Platform was established in 2016. During the three-year period, they have refinanced more than EUR 105 million worth loans, while accumulated paid interest to investors reached over EUR 1.3 million. Average return is 13.2%.  ViVentor has 7,500 registered investors and its current portfolio exceeds EUR 15.5 million. ViVentor has increased its’ financial capital from EUR 2,800 to EUR 1,300,000.