FLENDER Review: Peer to Peer Lending
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Already invested in Flender?

Already invested in Flender?
If so, share your impressions below. Are you happy with Flender Have you encountered an issue that other investors should be aware of? What percentage of your portfolio will be invested in Flender?
Discussion started by canythould43 , on 196 days ago
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Flender is undoubtedly among the best crowdlending platforms in 2019, and although it may not be absolutely essential for small portfolios, those who have several thousand euros of investment in P2P will benefit from the diversification and security provided by the loans to Irish SMEs.

Advantages of Flender

-The only platform that allows us to be exposed to the country Ireland

-Loans to SMEs with default rates (failed loan) = “0”

-Possibility of providing funds and investing immediately with a credit card

-Very attractive, interesting welcome promotion to test the platform and earn a bonus

Aspects to improve

-The platform is not available in Spanish

-A secondary market or some way to make the investment more liquid is missing
145 days ago