FASTINVEST Review: Peer to Peer Lending
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Uploaded By: canythould43. Added on: 28 January 2019.
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Fast Invest is European based investment marketplace FinTech company and provides P2P investment platform. The primary objective of the company is to open up investment opportunities for a broad audience of people, for that matter Fast Invest allows people invest into European based loans with as little as 1 euro. We use technology to cut the cost that otherwise would be high and hardly profitable. You can invest into European consumer based loans and receive up to 16% annual return. All the loans are insured by Default and BuyBack Guarantees, that's why the investments are safe. With the rise of FinTech world, we believe that world has entered post-banking era, where everyone will eventually become its bank, investor and money holder, that is why we firmly trust that there is still a massive potential for business in the financial sector. Fast Invest committed to building a sustainable and scalable model of investment that does not require big bank support, this, in turn, enables our investors to grow their investment portfolio and earn passive income. Our advanced investment platform facilitates customers to invest money into various loans across the EU efficiently. All loans are insured, which minimizes the risk and maximizes the investment profit. Follow the latest news about FAST INVEST: - Twitter: - Facebook: - LinkedIn: - Instagram: