Monestro Review: Peer to Peer Lending
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by canythould43 . Updated: 3 years

Loans are put up for auction, where investors make bids on loans based on real market conditions for given risk profiles. Investors can ask additional questions from the borrowers to make sure the risk is acceptable for them. Investors may also configure an automated bidding tool "Autoinvest" to help save time and to better diversify their portfolios.
In Monestro we have 3 main forms or forms of investment. In the following sections of this review we will describe each of them:<br /><br />✰ Manual Investment  from just 10 euros per loan.<br /><br />✰ Automatic Investment through Autoinvest functionality.<br /><br />✰ Investment in the secondary market.
Right now Monestro has some of the highest interest rates among all peer to peer lending platforms. According to data provided by Monestro the average is 20% interest rate, which is just extremely high. As Monestro connects borrowers and lenders directly, this is one of the reasons why interest rates for lenders are higher at Monestro than in other platforms.