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Estateguru is a European global marketplace in which solvent companies come to request financing by providing real estate (apartments, villas, housing developments, plots ...) as a mortgage guarantee .
In Estateguru we can invest in two ways: manual and automatic (Autoinvest). Manual investment is the most common method on this platform: we will observe the available projects, analyze the parameters of the investment in the property and decide the amount to invest from 50 euros.
In platforms focused on real estate loans, generally with fewer loans and greater amount of them compared to other marketplaces, the option of self-investing to manage our portfolio is not critical as critical, although in the case of Estateguru, it will help us do not miss out on new investment opportunities.
Since September 2019 we finally have secondary market in Estateguru! , so that we can finally sell our shares to other users whenever we want and buy new operations at very interesting prices. Keep in mind that there is a 2% commission for sales in the secondary market (purchases have no commission).