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Founded in 2015, Flender has loaned almost €10 million to date and has almost 7000 investors.
Registration in the Flender investment platform is similar to the process that we can follow in other European crowdlending marketplaces.
The Flender Marketplace, accessible from the Dashboard is the screen that offers us the projects available to invest at that time, with the interest rate they offer us, the duration of it in months (term) and the % of loan covered at that time.
In this detail screen of the loan, we can consult detailed basic information of the project and choose the amount that we are going to contribute to it, as well as the interest rate that we are going to request (normally we will choose the maximum possible that is preset). Autobid is a mechanism by which we can automatically lend money to companies that fit our time and profitability horizon .<br /><br />For each range of loan duration we can choose the minimum return that we are willing to accept and the amount we want to invest.