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Peer to Peer Lending for International Investors

Peer-to-peer lending is a contemporary name for an old practice. People (peer lenders) lending funds directly to family, friends, and acquaintances. The modern p2p website utilizes the internet to introduce borrowers and lenders investing in p2p loans.

The concept behind p2p lending international sites is that borrowers pay lower rates of interest while investors get the best p2p lending rates by simply cutting out intermediaries. When using peer-to-peer lending platforms, you eliminate banks from the equation.

This is one of the investment precincts that has grown in the financial crisis. Due to its versatility and best rates, the peer to peer lending business has surprisingly improved and proved to be a viable investment.

Why invest through a p2p lending platform?

P2P Lending is interesting because it is a fixed-income asset that is not available via other channels. Fixed-income assets mean that the terms of the investment are fixed. The duration of your investment could be 1 years for example and it iss agreed before you make the investment.

The interest rate or return you should be making is also fixed and it is agreed in the loan contract that you basically sign with the borrower and it could be for example 12%. Then also the payment dates are fixed.

One thing that iss very common is to have monthly repayments. Every month the borrower will pay an annuity payment that comprises of interest and principal, and over the term of the loan, the loan would be fully repaid including the interests.

International peer to peer lending sites

Nowadays P2P lending is experiencing robust growth. In this article, we would want to offer details on the best p2p lending sites open to international investors.

Legal Anti-Money-Laundering Law requires the platforms to verify identities of investors. In those trustworthy loan sites that are detailed below, you are qualified to invest if:

  • You've at least 18 years of age
  • You have a document to verify your identity. E.g. Utility expense, Legitimate passport or tax certificate ...
  • You have a bank account in the SEPA region or third countries currently considered to have AML/CFT systems equivalent to the EU. If your bank does not use SEPA transfers. With Transferwise borderless account you get instant international bank details to receive money from over 30 countries around the world with zero fees. That means you can transfer money or get paid from the UK, the US, Australia, and any country in the Eurozone, and no-one pays any fees.

Here are the best p2p lending sites for investors


Mintos has the peer to peer lending best rates. Mintos is one of the best peer to peer lending and the biggest p2p platform. At Mintos, Latvia. Both institutional and retail investors can invest in fractions of loans.

Mintos Loan Originators

Currently, they serve small-company loans, private loans that are unsecured, secured auto loans, and home mortgages. The minimum investment in one loan is EUR 10.

They have plenty of loans to invest, and they also make it possible for just about any individual to select exactly what it desires. Since it brings together investors and loan originators like Capitalia, Mogo loans and Debifo among others. Mintos harbors some substantial distinctions to other peer to peer platforms!

Who can invest in Mintos ?

Both individuals and entities can invest through Mintos. Individual investors must be at least 18 years old, have a bank account in the European Union or third countries currently considered to have AML/CFT systems equivalent to the EU, and have their identity successfully verified by Mintos.

Mintos Registred Investors Overseas

Mintos accept SEPA money transfers from bank accounts or payment services in the European Economic Area and also in Australia, Brazil, Republic of South Africa, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Mexico, Singapore and Switzerland.


DoFinance is a peer to peer investing p2p loans system for private people to invest in customer loans. DoFinance is a part of the Alfa Finance Group – an online lending and investment organization working in Asia, Transcaucasia and Europe.

Since its start in 2015, the Alfa Finance team has attracted over 150,000 customers that were registered and over € 16-million in loans issued as funding loans.

Loans available for investment on DoFinance are derived from the Alfa Finance Group. While its headquarters are located in Latvia, the Alfa Finance Group also has offices in Georgia, Poland, and Indonesia.

DoFinance aspires to become the most user-friendly and safe P2P lending platform so that everybody can participate in processes that are seemingly intricate and become his or her own economic director.

Who can invest in DoFinance ?

You must be at least 18 years old, have a valid e-mail address, valid documents (passport or identification card) and bank account within the European Union, Switzerland or any other country of the EEZ, which is not included in the lists of high risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions or is not subject of international sanctions. For complete registration you will have to provide a national identification card (scanned or photographed both sides) or passport (scanned or photographed).


Viainvest is a Latvian p2p lending international platform of the VIA SMS Group, a fast-acting financial intermediary with 150 employees operating in 5 countries in Europe (Latvia, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic and Spain) and headquartered in Riga, Latvia.

Viainvest is a platform with very short term loans (maximum 30 days), the most common interest rate is 10% although there are some at 12%, they do not charge any commission to the investor and have the possibility of investing p2p loans through auto invest tool.

Who can invest in Viainvest ?

To begin investing as a private individual, you must be at least 18 years old and hold a tax residency within one of the European countries or Switzerland.


Bondora based in Tallinn, Estonia. Formerly called isePankur is one of the popular international peer to peer lending sites and the first to enable cross-border lending (open to investors from all countries).

Bondora now are eyeing a pan-European industry, including Central and Eastern Europe. P2P loans are offered by Bondora to borrowers in 4 European countries.

You can set the auto invest to buy a set of loans based on three settings. You can't fine-tune the auto investor tool to purchase solely loans with an A or AA ranking. There isn't any buyback guarantee on the loans.

Who can invest in Bondora ?

Anyone over the age of 18 living in the European Union, Switzerland or Norway and businesses registered in the EU or from any other country approved by Bondora. If you are an investor from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa or The United States of America then Bondora need to verify that you are an "accredited investor". As part of the verification process Bondora ask you to send them different information and documents.


The organization formerly known as Finabay has originated over EUR 350 million in unsecured consumer loans and started operations in Latvia in the year 2009.

Finabay launched Twino in 2015 an investment market providing peer to peer lender from throughout Europe a chance to generate premiumbest p2p lending rates by investing in consumer loans originated by its own daughter companies in Denmark, Georgia, Poland, and Russia.

Twino has been the first organization in European industry to provide possibilities to invest into consumer loans with buyback guarantee that totally reduce the default risk for investors.


Latvia, Viventor was launched in October 2015. The Riga-based platform offers the best peer to peer loans secured by mortgages and buyback guarantee for many investments. Viventor is open to investors from the European Economic Area.

In February 2016 Viventor introduced new functions and loans types that catalyzed development, enabling it to increase its investments to over EUR 6 million from EUR 100,000. Viventor has attracted close to 2000 investors from over 30 countries, producing annual returns as high as 12%.

All loans listed on the platform are 100% pre-funded and secured with a Buy-Back Guarantee: the loan originator purchases back loans that are delayed more than 60 days.


FinBee is open to investors from Switzerland and European countries. Is a Lithuanian platform introduced in August 2015 as a marketplace with a reverse auction for enterprise and consumer loans and includes a compensation fund. The currency is Euro.

The Lithuanian authorities have just lately established the laws needed to permit P2P lenders to offer business loans. FinBee was the first licensed peer to peer lender for SMEs in Lithuania.

Typical rates of interest for investors are in the range of 20% to 32%. The platform is still young, but Finbee crossed the landmark of 1 million Euro loans financed since launch.

Finbee lists all loan request and investors can bid either manually or through auto invest. There's an auction period for each loan with investors underbidding each other’s in a reverse auction, meaning the rate of interest will sink once the loan is filled.

A peculiarity of Finbee is, that every investor with a winning bid receives the individual interest rate the bid was made by him on, meaning there's no uniform lending rate for investors in the same loan.


Auction periods are initially set at 2 weeks but then reduced to 48 hours, once the loan is 100%.

The complete list of international p2p lending sites

Other p2p investing sites which say they accept international investors in their Terms and Conditions are Rebuilding Society in the UK, Pret union in France, Bitcoin lending platform Bitbond in Germany and peer to peer lending club and websites like prosper in the US. Here's a complete list of all the platforms.

I think we'll see a growing number of lending companies names that allows any p2p lending international investor or borrower to use these platforms.

What is the actual return that you can expect from P2P lending

Obviously, that can be a broad range because peer to peer lending sites and peer to peer companies covers a pretty broad set of different segments. You may invest in personal loans or payday loans at the beginning then you may invest in small business loans or larger business loans and it can even go to relisted loans.

Today peer to peer lending exist for quite a few years and there are international peer to peer lending sites that cover a lot of these different segments and they pay different interest rates which mean that the returns can be different.

The best p2p lending rates you can expect for international peer to peer lending sites are around 8% to 12%‎. When you compare that to what your bank would pay you on a fixed term deposit for example, in most of the cases this will be significantly more and this is what's make investing p2p loans such an attractive asset class.

Because it has a relatively better risk and return relationship than a lot of other similar assets. This is the reason why peer to peer lending is really exciting and why it's definitely worth spending time with it.

No investment is without risk, spread your investment across many borrowers, platforms, and loans.

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    DoFinance has become the first European-based peer-to-peer lending platform to open a customer center in Indonesia.

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